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Just not a free expansion. Aong ffs. Keyboard turning weaponized mong.
Told him "I am Legend" and to send my free copy of the expansion over - he actually took it well, and did make an offer;p
Spent no time in any guild. Literally trolled a GM in the last 2 years.. thats it.
since when did Flashy live in the real world?
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Santy a posted Aug 2, 18

Just a brief update to the front page. We still tentatively could take one or two more people in BFA for raiding but the roster is pretty competitive with around 40 people looking to raid at the moment.

Also here is the kill video for Argus.

Kin'garoth Mythic

Santy a posted Jan 31, 18

Hardly ever update the front page of the website these days, but here's the Kin'garoth kill. 

Antorus Heroic Cleared

Santy a posted Dec 5, 17

Felt like we should actually make an update on the website as there hasn't been one done since we arrived on Tarren Mill. Of course the formality that is Argus heroic has died.

Moving to Tarren Mill

Santy a posted Oct 7, 17

As we've been building up to for a couple of weeks now, we're moving to Tarren Mill and going Horde on October 8th. 

If you're part of the guild and interested in moving across, get in touch with us on Tarren Mill or on Ghostlands. We should be keeping a presence on both servers for a while due to not moving across our alts.

- - - - -

For those a little more interested in the reasons as to why, the main issue isn't progress. You can still have a great time, and many people do, just clearing LFR, Normal, Heroic or getting a few bosses in Mythic. It's hard on this realm to find people who fit a similar mindset, the strange hybrid mindset that is ours where we do want to raid mythic, we do want to progress but at the same time we want to have a laugh, have a chat and do things at our own pace. 

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