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Just not a free expansion. Aong ffs. Keyboard turning weaponized mong.
Told him "I am Legend" and to send my free copy of the expansion over - he actually took it well, and did make an offer;p
Spent no time in any guild. Literally trolled a GM in the last 2 years.. thats it.
since when did Flashy live in the real world?
Latest News

Mistress Down

Santy a posted Sep 14, 17

Took us a little while, and definitely longer than it should have, but we finally tippled it over. 

ToS Recruitment

Santy a posted Jun 6, 17

3 Nights, 9 hours a week raiding on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays. For ToS we're opening up our recruitment to anyone who feels they can add to our roster. 

Click here for a quick link to the raider application.

It's a pretty straight forward and simplified form, that lets you go into as much detail as you'd like. 

- What should we know about you?
- What character are you applying on?
- Do you have any logs/recordings etc?
- Can you make the raid times?

As a guild we offer flasks, cauldrons, vantus runes, enchants, gems and repairs in the hope that providing the fluff enables you to spend more time researching fights and refining your performance. The guild is a very casual, laidback set-up with loot done by loot council focusing on the next progress fight at hand.

Botanist is down which brings us to 7/10m, here's the kill video.

With Krosus Mythic down we're now looking further ahead and to recruit a couple of additional people to bolster our raid roster.

We're currently looking to recruit a Holy Paladin (recruited) & a Ranged DPS. 

We have recruited specifically what we were after, but we always welcome strong applicants if you're interested in applying, click here.

Our application process is just a short form asking which character you want to apply on, what you want us to know about yourself and if you have logs we can see. 

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